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  The Mahabharat Starplus Wiki is an encyclopedia about everything related to the Mahabharat            Starplus World , characters , kingdoms , shloks , theme songs.

 The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to  create a    comprehensive database for fans of Mahabharat Starplus.

 If you are new, Before editing articles remember to read general Help files.

Remember, You have no restrictions on Mahabharat Starplus Wiki.! When creating a page use your  creativity to design the layout of the page and create your own templates. But just one thing the  information you put on the page should be 100% correct.

 We also have a chat for the users, please check the sidebar on most pages to enter it and start  a  discussion amongst users who are online or you could click here to open the chat within this  window.

Enjoy your time on Mahabharat Starplus Wikia!

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